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After School | Career Guidance Series

‘After school’ brings career guidance to vibrant, animated life. The 28-episode career guidance series being flighted on social media platforms is INSETA’s innovative initiative to take advantage of the increasing use of mobile phones and internet among the youth. The series, produced in partnership with non-profit organisation, CA Classes, is set in a school environment in Sandton, the financial hub of South Africa. The characters range from poor to wealthy and the episodes cover topics such as career options in the insurance sector and the importance of maths and science. Input into the content was provided by industry stakeholders such as the Financial Planning Institute, the Actuarial Society and Sanlam.

After School, which carries the message that background and circumstances aside, anyone can achieve anything in life with hard work, relies on sound, humour and visual content to appeal to viewers. Since its launch in November 2019, the series has had more than 4 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Episode 1 – Humble beginnings:

Episode 2 – Big Dreams:

Episode 3 – Self-esteem:

Episode 4 – Excuses:

Episode 5 – things don’t come easy:

Episode 6 – The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR):

Episode 7 – What is Insurance:

Episode 8 – Developing an APP:

Episode 9 – All about Learnerships & Internships:

Episode 10 – Smart goals:

Episode 11 – From Call Centre to Corner Office:

Episode 12 – What is Marketing in Insurance?:

Episode 13 – Bean counting….is that what Chartered Accountants do?:

Episode 14 – Financial Planning for a bike, what is mkhulu up to?:

Episode 15 – Actuary and a Vrrrpha:

Episode 16 – Self Knowledge. It’s all about understanding who you are:

Episode 17 – Taking care of what is important…our loved ones:

Episode 18 – Volunteering for a better future:

Episode 19 – Funding your studies begins with you!:

Episode 20 – Preparing for an interview:

Episode 21 – Attending an interview:

Episode 22 – Lifelong learning. Choose a learning platform and start growing:

Episode 23 – The importance of reading books:

Episode 24 – Maths and what it helps with:

Episode 25 – What is a Loss Adjuster:

Episode 26 – Funerals homes:

Episode 27 – Principles of success:

Episode 28 – Travel broadens your horizon:

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