Who We Are

The Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority’s (INSETA) primary purpose is grow the pool and quality of critical and scarce skills within the insurance sector. These skills enhance the sector while supporting the transformation of the country.

We have centered our strategies and goals to implement the mandates of the National Skills Development Plan 2030 (NSDP), Skills development Act (SDA), the skills development levies act (SDLA), the PFMA, the INSETA constitution, the Department of Higher Education (DHET) and other legislation that relates to the governance of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).


Empowered to Influence and Inspire


Harness technology and strategic partnership in pursuit of excellence to enable relevant, inclusive and impactful skills development; and be the bridge between education and the world of work by identifying skills in demand and providing agile and appropriate responses.


  • Respect – Diversity, Inclusivity and trust
  • Innovative – Agile & Impactful solutions
  • Collaborative – Unity & Partnership
  • Accountability  –  Ethical conduct
  • Courageous Leadership – Compassionate and Empowering “Empowered People Empower People”
  • Customer Centricity – Responsive and Professional
INSETA provides learnerships, internships, bursaries, and skills programmes to a diverse range of employers within the rapidly growing and evolving sector it represents. The sector employs over 100 000 individuals, to whom INSETA provides the opportunity to improve their education and skills.


It is the responsibility of Learners and prospective clients to ensure that a Learning Provider is accredited.


The list of providers accredited with INSETA, supplied on this site is updated monthly and the currency of a Provider’s Accreditation and is verified.


Employers who participate in learnership schemes are entitled to learnership allowances that can be deducted from their taxable income.

Assessor & Moderator

The list of Assessors and Moderators registered with and accredited with INSETA can be found here.

Fraud Prevention Hotline: 0800 119 691