Career Guidance

Career Guidance

INSETA is uniquely positioned to help guide high school learners and undergraduates to choose their career path based on their interest and skills within the available opportunities within the sector.
Through these contacts with learners, INSETA encourages them to get the most out of life as their career choice is vital.
Public Higher Learning Institutions partnerships and competency building

INSETA aims to promote the growth of a public higher learning institution through creating a sector system that is responsive to the insurance sector, local, regional and national skills needs and priorities.


Download the Career Guidance Brochure 2022

Career Guidance Brochure 2022

Strategic outcomes

  1. Programme approval awarded to public TVET colleges, Universities of Technology (UOT), and public universities.
  2. TVET Lecturers developed to support the implementation of INSETA programmes.
  3. TVET, OUTs and University graduates supported to access workplaces through learnerships, internships and work integrated learning (WIL).
  4. Support youth to obtain scarce and critical qualifications through bursaries.
  5. Forge partnerships with TVET, UOTs and Universities and industry to provide career guidance to support career progression and attract new entrants into the sector.
  6. Establish class of business training centres at INSETA accredited TVET colleges from 2019.

How can you get involved?

Pledge your support.

Volunteer to host a TVET lecturer at your workplace for two weeks of insurance exposure. Volunteer to host students at your workplace for learnerships, internships, and WIL programmes Sponsorships for college development Supporting colleges by providing guest lecturers who are subject matter experts. Promotion of insurance on career days at Public Higher learning institutions.

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