INSETA’s learning division works with employers to provide funding for bursaries, learnerships, skills programmes, internships and work based learning programmes within our sector. Employers are responsible for identifying their own learners.

22 July 2022



Bursaries are awarded to both the employed and unemployed, increasing professionalism within the sector. These bursaries create a pool of youth who view the insurance sector as an aspirational career, allowing for future insurance industry growth.

Skills programmes provide employed workers’ with bridging programmes to obtain a full qualification. Unemployed youth gain educational and skills training in the form PIVOTAL programmes.

PIVOTAL programmes relate to:

Professional – programmes supporting professional enhancement such as certification.
Internships – work based experience for graduates and TVET learners who require work experience
Vocational – generically vocational programmes such as NCV
Occupational – programmes related to occupations
Technical – programmes of a technical nature
Academic – academic programmes specifically at higher education level

These skills programmes enhance the employability in the sector.

Through a fixed term contract between the learner, and employer and training provider, learners are able to gain hands-on, workplace experience and skills training within the industry. Learnerships may not result in permanent employment, but provides valuable experience to the learner.

INSETA’s works-based experience (WBE) and internship programmes benefit graduates by enabling them to achieve practical experience after graduation, as well as providing opportunities both for permanent employment and new career ventures upon completion of their studies.

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