About Inseta


Empowered to Influence and Inspire


Harness technology and strategic partnership in pursuit of excellence to enable relevant, inclusive and impactful skills development; and be the bridge between education and the world of work by identifying skills in demand and providing agile and appropriate responses.


  • Respect – Diversity, Inclusivity and trust
  • Innovative – Agile & Impactful solutions
  • Collaborative – Unity & Partnership
  • Accountability  –  Ethical conduct
  • Courageous Leadership – Compassionate and Empowering “Empowered People Empower People”
  • Customer Centricity – Responsive and Professional

Strategic Goals

INSETA has set the following strategic learning goals focused on all levels of employment within the insurance sector:

A credible institutional mechanism for skills planning.

Increased access to occupationally directed programmes.

Better use of workplace-based skills development.

Training and support provided to Sector Cooperatives, Small Enterprises and NGO’s.

Effective established career and vocational guidance channels.

Promoting the growth of a public FET system that is responsive to sector, local regional and national skills priorities.

Organisational Effectiveness.

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